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Walkslim Walking Treadmills: The USA’s best selling foldable walking treadmill

Now is the time to ensure that you are able to keep fit and active no matter your age, fitness level or the weather! The American Heart Association recommends that we take 2.5 hours of heart pumping exercise a week with brisk walking identified as moderate-intensity aerobic exercise. This is where the Walkslim range of foldable treadmills can help you stay fit and healthy in the comfort of your own home! Vitality 4 Life would like to see all of our customers happy, fit and healthy and we try to provide the best products for a healthy home. Foldable walking treadmills are part of our healthy living range and we believe they are the best walking treadmills in the USA. Foldable treadmills are light and portable and can be used at the home or office to enable everyone to exercise regularly. Simply fold down the handle and the Walkslim's slim design will allow easy storage. See our range here or alternatively, you can contact us. Our friendly staff have lots of practical knowledge and tips on how you can stay fit and healthy and are waiting to hear from you.



Advantages of using a Walkslim Treadmill

The American Heart Association and American Diabetes Asscoiation both recommend walking up to 150 minutes a week . With your Walkslim Walking Treadmill it’s so easy to do and all from the comfort of your own home or even the office. Anybody can use a walking treadmill, the elderly, those recovering from injury, those stuck inside due to bad weather outside or just simply the convenience of wanting to exercise in front of the T.V. So what are the benefits?

  • Prevent diabetes. Regular exercise helps muscles absorb blood sugar preventing it from building up in the bloodstream thereby reducing the risk of diabetes.
  • Reduce the chance of high blood pressures. The American Heart Foundation recommends walking as the moderate level exercise necessary to prevent heart disease.
  • Weight Loss. Humans were designed to move for optimal functioning, and were designed to handle walking great distances over many hours. These days we sit a lot. Walking can contribute to improved body composition, with statistically significant weight reduction.
  • Relieve depression and anxiety. Rates of depression and anxiety are on the rise over 20 percent globally in a decade. Studies have repeatedly shown that incorporating exercise into your daily routine will allow the endorphin producing effects of exercise to help remedy the blues.


Top Tip

When you hang on to the handrails the whole time it reduces the effort you are putting in and therefore the amount of calories you might be trying to lose. Your feet and legs need to be carrying your weight to gain more from your workout.


Choosing the best foldable walking treadmill for you

Vitality 4 Life USA has a wide range of walking treadmills. Choosing a walking treadmill that suits your individual needs is the first step.

  • Space poor. If you live in a small apartment or wish to have a treadmill in a tiny office the size and portability of your walking treadmill is important. Look for a treadmill that is light, has adjustable handles or no handle and has wheels to move around. Some treadmills are even foldable halving the amount of storage space required.
  • Injury and rehabilitation. If you doctor has recommended you to start exercising whilst recovering from injury or illness a walking treadmill at home with stabilising handles would be your first choice. Choose a treadmill that has a super shock absorption system and a safety key.
  • Walking Treadmills for Seniors. With a safety key, sturdy handles and a slow start speed of 0.5 mph and intelligent somatosensory control (speeds up and slows down as you walk), the Walkslim range of walking treadmills are the best for seniors.
  • Weight Loss. If losing weight is the main purpose for your walking treadmill then make sure you choose one that has a speed of up to 3.7 miles per hour to encourage your weight loss journey. Some treadmills have handles that you can choose to use or not to use when you are ready. Buy a walking treadmill that has an inbuilt calorie counter and carries up to 120kg in weight.

Top Tip

You actually don't have to workout at high speed to have an effective workout. Everyone is different and at a different workout level. You want to be taking a brisk walk on your walking treadmill. This just means that your heart rate and breathing rate are raised rather than just dawdling along breathing as usual.


The latest technology

Vitality 4 Life are constantly upgrading and improving our walking treadmill range and we believe it is the best in the USA. Our range of walking treadmills offer:

  • Intelligent Somatosensory control and remote control.
  • LED screens
  • Calorie Counters
  • Brushless DC Motors for a quiet experience.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Innovative Double Foldable Frame
  • Hydraulic handles.
  • Sleek Aluminum Designs
  • 3 year warranties

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The Vitality 4 Life range of the best walking treadmills USA

We are so sure of our products exceptional quality, that we offer a 3 year warranty and 30 day returns policy.

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