Vacuum Blender - Life is better when it sucks

Vacuum Blender - Life is better when it sucks

Vacuum Blending - Suck the life back into your blended foods

When you've spent time creating the perfect smoothie, it sucks when you find that after a short while, it transforms into a watery, unappetizing drink with brown froth on top. Solve this problem with the Biochef Vacuum Container Pump, that lets you convert your Vitamix into a powerful vacuum blender.

Oxygen is usually a good thing, but when your foods are exposed to oxidisation, it takes the fun, nutrients and flavour out. The Biochef Vacuum Container Pump helps suck the life back into your your food creations and keeps them fresh, flavoursome and full of nutrients until you're ready to use them.

vaccuum blender-food-wrapped-astraWhat is Vacuum Technology?

Vacuum technology is still quite new to the at home cook. For supermarkets it has been an essential part of storing food for over 80 years. Vacuum sealing helped food retailers keep our food fresh and now you can use this technology to prolong the shelf life and flavour of your smoothies, soups, nut butters, juices, marinades and any other blended foods you can think of. Our Biochef Vacuum Blenders feature a built-in vacuum with air pressure sensors which suck the oxygen out of the compartment before the blending begins. This means your food will retain more of it's color, enzymes, nutrients and flavor. Once you're finished blending, pour into the Biochef vacuum storage container and store for prolonged freshness.

What health benefits can I expect from the Biochef Vacuum Blender Pump?vacuum blender-vitamins-astro-healthy-shelf-life-smoothie-best

High speed blending when oxygen is present causes oxidisation which causes the ingredients to lose nutrients. By removing this process, you get to enjoy the benefits associated with blending in an 'oxygen poor' environment.

Removing oxygen means ingredients don't break down as quickly, so you can store your morning smoothies and decide to drink them later in the day. You'll rest assured knowing that vitamins and minerals that were in the smoothie when you first blended it will still be there when you're ready to enjoy it.

When oxygen is allowed into the process of blending, Vitamins C and D and fat-soluble vitamins A and E risk being removed as a result of oxidisation which turns foods like smoothies and nut butters flavorless. To combat this, the Biochef Vacuum Pump removes the oxygen from the blending chamber which leaves the vital nutrients, color and consistency in your food and prolongs the shelf life.


Looks and tastes superior

A vacuum blender will create a smooth, fine texture for your smoothie that is unmatched by non vacuum blending which creates air bubbles that cause your smoothie to be thin and tasteless. When you vacuum blend, you'll enjoy the freshest tasting product in every sip. 

In addition to this, storing your smoothie in the Biochef Vacuum Sealed Container will mean your smoothis retain their full coloration and consistency right until the moment you drink it. Say so long to brownish, lifeless drinks forever.

Your drinks taste delicous, stay vital and last longer.

Why is life better when it sucks?

There is much conversation among experts debating the health benefits of vacuum blending technology. However, most experts accept that oxidation occurs when any food is sliced, cut, juiced, squeezed, dried or muched and then exposed to oxygenated air. This is because the cell walls are broken and the cell contents are exposed to the oxygen.

So reducing the amount of oxidation by sucking the air out before blending could be the answer to keeping the nutrients in your food longer. Vacuum blenders could be just the solution we need.

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