BioChef Atlas vs Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Review

May 31, 2017

Whole Slow Juicers

The latest models of slow juicers released on the market have ushered us into a new era of healthy juicing. The whole slow juicer, also known as the “wide mouth” and “whole fruit” juicer, has changed the way we slow juice with the addition of a wide chute large enough to take whole fruits or vegetables without the need for chopping. This advancement eliminates the incidence of oxidation occurring during the preparation stage.

Keep reading to find out why this new generation of cold press juicers is changing the way we view juicing for detox and nutrition.

Top 3 Whole Slow Juicer Comparison Table

Let’s become acquainted with the three leading models of whole slow juicers on the US market:

Below we've highlighted the key specification differences between these three models:

BioChef Atlas vs Kuvings

On paper, these juicers look very similar. But watch the comparison video below and you’ll start to see significant differences between the BioChef Atlas and Kuvings whole slow juicers.

We’ve summarised our key takeaways on how these two whole slow juicers perform, based on the side by side demonstration video you just watched.

Quick BioChef Atlas Whole Juicer Review:

  • Juicing is effortless due to the versatile design
  • Gives you more juice (no back up)
  • Produces beautifully consistent, smooth juice
  • Produces less residue for faster cleaning

Quick Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Review:

  • Inbuilt cutter causes build up inside the drum
  • Inbuilt cutter makes juicing more difficult
  • Produces pulpy juice
  • Comes with an additional rotating cleaning brush

Keep reading to dive into the details of why the BioChef Whole Slow Juicer outperforms the Kuvings whole slow juicer.

Comparing Design & Functionality

Chute design is an important part of a whole slow juicer as it affects how well your fruits and vegetables are juiced. Let’s look at how this works in practical terms.

On the Kuvings whole slow juicer you have only one chute. At the bottom of this chute there is a small plastic cutter or blade, which has been described as a safety requirement by Kuvings in order to prevent hands from fitting down the chute. The problem with this is that it stops your fruit from entering the auger properly. The user needs to push the whole fruit down with a tamper with significant pressure in order to force the fruit through the cutter.

This creates a significant risk for overfeeding, which causes clogging of the auger and back up. In the demonstration video above, you can see that large chunks of apple remained in the container which were unjuiced. This explains why the Kuvings model produced less juice with the same amount of apples. We believe this is due to the produce coming into contact with the auger too forcefully, which creates a build up inside the drum and results in incorrect juicing. Not ideal compared to the relative ease at which the BioChef Atlas works.

The BioChef Atlas is designed with two chutes, one for round items like apples and another for long items like carrots and celery. Most importantly, the chute is equipped with a two-way flap that gently directs the fruit down the chute towards the auger. There is no need for a tamper. This means that there is also no risk of overfeeding. Your fruit will enter the auger with the right speed and angle with every use, giving you the best living juice possible. This is critical if slow juicing is an integral part of your diet and lifestyle.

Comparing Ease of Use

We’ve already discussed the advantage of not needing to push your fruit down the chute with a tamper. Apart from affecting juice quality, it’s simply harder to use.

Referring back to our comparison table, you can see that the BioChef Atlas, Oscar Neo and Kuvings whole slow juicers all have chute sizes large enough to take whole apples, oranges and other fruits and vegetables without the need to cut them into small pieces prior to juicing.

We also conducted the flush test. Following the instruction manuals, we finished the demonstration by pouring a glass of water in both the Kuvings and BioChef Atlas to flush out any remaining juice and fruit particles. The water moved easily through the BioChef Atlas but had trouble passing through the Kuvings juicer due to the amount of back up in the drum.

Cleaning time also varies between the two. We found the Kuvings had an unbelievable amount of apple residue and back up inside the drum after juicing just 4 apples. Due to the amount of back up caught in the Kuvings drum, rinsing under water did not flush out the leftover residue. The rotating cleaning brush was needed to dislodge what remained, however upon testing we found that it did not get into the holes of the strainer effectively.

The BioChef Atlas and Oscar Neo, on the other hand, had barely any back up or residue after juicing 4 apples. This made cleaning a simple affair: rinsing under water did the job for most parts. The drum and strainer needed a light scrub with the included cleaning brush.

Kuvings total cleaning time: 1 minute, 59 seconds

BioChef total cleaning time: 1 minute, 19 seconds

The Verdict

Based on the following performance indicators, you can clearly see which whole slow juicer is the better choice:

  • Power: if you’re looking for a model that has the motor power to make large amounts of juice over a sustained period of time (every day) then the best options are the Oscar Neo or BioChef Atlas. These two models are the most powerful at 250w. This means a slower RPM of 40 to accommodate for the increase in torque. Warranty: The BioChef Atlas & Oscar Neo have the same warranty - lifetime on warranty & 5 years on parts. The Oscar Neo also comes with a 3 year commercial warranty. The Kuvings B6000 has a 10 year warranty on motor & 2 years on parts.
  • Juicing: if you’re after the best overall juicer then BioChef Atlas’ dual-flap design is a better option based on our finding above. It can handle all types of fruits and vegetables due to the versatile design, and it also extracts more juice than the Kuvings whole slow juicer. Giving you more bang for your buck and a greater ease-of-use.
  • Cleaning: as you saw for yourself, the Kuvings model takes much longer to clean due to the amount of back up left over. This adds up if you plan on using your whole slow juicer every day, especially if you are on an extended juice detox or juice fast.
  • Price: high quality slow juicers like these are going to require an investment, but the Kuvings ($419.95) is significantly more expensive than the Biochef Atlas ($295) or Oscar Neo ($325) for no additional benefits. In fact, the BioChef Atlas outperforms the Kuvings at a better price!

Winner: BioChef Atlas Whole Juicer - the best priced juicer out of our Top 3 contenders!

Keep reading to find out why you need to start whole slow juicing now!

3 Ways Whole Juicing Will Change Your Life

1. Superior Nutrition

Slow juicing is the superior way to juice because it protects our fruits and vegetables from oxidising. When oxidation occurs, valuable nutrients and living enzymes are lost. This is where whole juicing takes it to a new level: by eliminating the need to chop and cut your fruits and vegetables, they will not be exposed to air and further oxidation. As a result, vital nutrients and enzymes are not lost during the preparation process, thus enabling you to experience the maximum nutritional benefits of slow juicing.

2. Better Tasting Juice

One of the biggest perks of whole slow juicing is that it produces the best tasting living juices. Apart from nutrients and enzymes, you are also able to extract the full amount of flavour (oxidisation disturbs the true taste of your fruits and vegetables).

3. Fast Juicing Time

Slow juicers are slow, that comes as no surprise to anyone. The reason being that it takes time to gently extract juice from your fruits and vegetables correctly. Now here’s the final twist: new generation whole slow juicers can juice just as fast an a conventional centrifugal juicer. In fact, they are estimated to cut the juicing time in half when compared to other slow juicers. Meaning you get all the incredible health benefits of a cold pressed juice in half the time! Great news for those of us balancing busy schedules.

If you want to find out more about the BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer or the Oscar Neo XL Whole Juicer feel free to leave us a message on our Contact Us page.

Thanks for reading this comparison and review of the Oscar Neo, BioChef and Kuvings whole slow juicers! Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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