14 Day Juice Fast Diary: Hayley & Nikita

December 29, 2016
14 Day Juice Fast Diary: Hayley & Nikita

Hi! My name is Hayley! As part of a New Years resolution to heal our bodies and be the healthiest and happiest versions of ourselves, my colleague Nikita and I embarked on a 14 day juice fast. That's right, we are in it for the long haul! We had both heard a lot about Cabala juice, which has been made popular by whole food guru Don Tolman, and so we decided to give it a go.

Cabala stands for...

Carrot Red Apple Beetroot Green Apple Lemon Golden Apple

The idea behind this ancient and well-balanced recipe is that it keeps you satisfied while still cleaning out all areas of your body, ridding it of disease and illness.

Cabala juice has been used for centuries to heal all kinds of disease within the body, from ovarian cysts, to eczema and skin conditions, and even cancer.

Juice fasting gives your body the opportunity to heal and cleanse. Without having to digest solid foods, your body can use its extra energy to expel toxins and heal your organs. All this occurs while your body is getting a beautiful influx of nutrients and enzymes from the fresh vegetables and fruits you are consuming. Imagine all the cells of your body bathing in these lovely nutrients, and letting go of toxic waste they have accumulated due to lifestyle and dietary choices. How could they not be happy about that?

The fruits and vegetables used in Cabala juice are all there for specific purposes and in specific quantities.

Carrot - rich in antioxidants and carotenoids to reverse the negative side effects of toxins in your body. Also great for reducing high cholesterol as well as keeping your blood sugar levels in check.

Apple - the natural sugars found in apples help to stimulate digestion. Apples also contain pectin, which binds to toxins and heavy metals, assisting their excretion from the body.

Beetroot - stimulates and cleanses the liver and gallbladder. Also boosts blood circulation around the body.

Lemon - Alkalising and detoxifying, cleanses toxins from the liver as well as killing intestinal parasites. It stimulates the secretion of gastric acid, bile and pancreatic enzymes to assist digestion and help the body to optimally absorb nutrients.

Our Juice Fast Cabala Juice Recipe

The recipe is found in Don Tolman's “Farmacist Desk Reference”.

• 5lb (2.25kg) carrots • 2 red apples • 1 small beetroot (1/3 fist size) • 2 golden apples • 1 lemon (rind and all) • 2 green apples

Wash then chop up all your organic ingredients and juice them in your cold-press juicer. We use Vitality 4 Life’s Oscar Neo 1000, which makes a very smooth and delicious juice. Using the Neo, this recipe yields between 2 and 2.5L of juice. When kept in the refrigerator, the nutrients and enzymes in this juice will remain alive for 2 days. Nikita and I are drinking between 2 and 4 litres of this juice daily. The idea of a Cabala juice fast is that you should never be hungry, so this may mean drinking more or less juice for you.

Juice Fast: Day 6

It is now day 6, and our juice fast has been coming along really well. In the past, Nikita and I have both completed several three day juice fasts, and we know well how tough they can be. For some reason, we both found the first three days of this fast quite simple. Perhaps because we knew we were going to be doing this one for a whole lot longer, and so three days seemed like nothing.

Today has been the hardest emotionally for me so far. My mood has been pretty unstable and I have sometimes even felt really angry and a tad aggressive. This is not my personality at all, and so it was pretty confronting to be met with these emotions. I pretty much just wanted to curl up in bed, scream and cry all at once! Luckily I got through the day, with both myself and the people around me unharmed. Fasting has the ability to bring up old suppressed emotions, and it is a good opportunity to deal with these. Doing so can lead to increased healing. So if you feel like screaming or crying while you’re on a fast, do it.

There are many reasons for fasting, and it has been used as a healing tool for many years by humans as well as other species. There are more than 25 million animal species on earth, and virtually all of them fast when unwell. 25 million species can't be wrong. Think about when you are sick, you usually lose your appetite. However, in today's society, we try to get sick people to eat in order to keep up their strength. Every living thing has the ability to heal itself. By fasting when you have an illness or disease, your body is given the perfect conditions that allow it to cleanse and heal itself.

The body uses 70% of its daily energy expenditure on digestion. By giving your digestion a rest, such as during a fast, your body can direct more of that energy into deeply cleansing and detoxing your body, getting rid of an accumulation of acidic waste that is contributing to a whole host of symptoms.

Here are some signs and symptoms that your body will give you when you need to fast:

- Your skin is problematic and inflamed, such as with acne, eczema or psoriasis - You feel fatigued for no good reason, and consistently - You carry excess weight - You have abnormal bowel movements, such as recurrent constipation or diarrhoea - You are often bloated - You have allergies or food sensitivities - You experience headaches - You have a health condition and wish to heal it naturally, rather than simply treating the symptoms with medicine.

Stay tuned over the coming days for more tips and tricks for a successful juice fast.

Juice Fast: Day 12

Over the past 12 days, Nikita and I have each worked our way through nearly 40 kilograms of carrots, and it’s fair to say this juice fast has been a pretty crazy experience. We have each had our ups and downs, and so my number one juice fasting tip would be to DO THIS WITH A FRIEND! Particularly during the first few days, it was so much easier having someone to complain with and be hungry with. And once the hunger of the first few days passed, Nikita and I have been texting each other every day saying how we are feeling, and what our emotions are doing. I definitely could not have done this alone.

We both found the first week the most challenging. After that, the real magic started to happen. I stopped feeling hungry, stopped thinking about food, felt clear minded, happy, energetic, excited and positive. After letting out all my feelings of anger towards the end of the first week, the eczema on my hands began to heal. Since then, it has been quickly improving every day. Since we’re pretty impressed we’ve made it this far, yesterday Nikita and I decided to pay a visit to Mullum Sari, Vitality 4 Life’s natural health centre and retreat.

We were lucky enough to use the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, Infrared Sauna, Hydrotherapy Massage Bed, as well as laze in the sun in beautiful surrounds. It was a true day of pampering, and I now feel so calm, relaxed and positive. Massage, sun exposure, salt water and sweating are all great ways to improve your body’s ability to efficiently detoxify and heal. Mullum Sari is located in Mullumbimby, in the Byron Bay Hinterland. It is a beautiful and peaceful oasis where you can truly relax, refresh and detoxify.

The packages on offer range from 1 day retreats to 28 day health transformations, where you stay in luxury, boutique accommodation. The treatments at Mullum Sari are based around Dr. Norman Walker’s healing principles of living juice, living food, colonic hydrotherapy, distilled water and dry body brushing.

If you’re thinking about doing a juice fast, start off slow with a few five-day fasts, and then gradually build up. Remember the first three days are always the hardest, because toxins are stirred up within your body. Stopping after three days will limit the benefits you gain from your fast, since the body hasn’t had time to actually rid itself of all these toxins yet. So persevere. And like I said, some pretty amazing stuff happens if you continue into the second week.

Breaking the Fast

Originally Nikita and I planned on doing a 14 day juice fast. Midway through I was so excited and experienced so many positive changes that I was inspired to extend the juice fast to 21 or perhaps even 30 days.

Today is day 16 and I’ve grown bored of our current lifestyle. I am aware I can easily and successfully complete 21 days if I put my mind to it, but I have made the conscious decision to break the fast tomorrow, for a few reasons.

Firstly, a negative mindset is not conducive to healing, which is the whole reason I started fasting in the first place. But because I have grown bored, slowly my mind frame has switched from excited to pretty pessimistic. I have found the last two days I have been in a fight with myself. One side telling me I have achieved such a huge feat and its now time to see it end and, the other side telling me it is not good enough and I should go on and see 21 days through. This has been causing me so much unnecessary stress! Which is also completely not the point and does not aid our body’s healing at all.

I am so curious as to what is to come. Previously, on shorter juice fasts, I only experienced minimal healing and once back into a normal routine; I quickly fell back into the same not so good lifestyle habits. This time, I have not only healed my body, but also my mind and I am extremely set on entering a new beginning; a life of raw food, fermented food, intuitive eating and grace. I now know what my body has to go through to undo bad habits and I have no intention of letting myself fall back into that trap.

What have I gained from this fast? This fast has been such a positive and beneficial experience for both of us. It has been such a challenge physically, emotionally and spiritually, and I have learned a great deal about myself in the process. I feel as if I have grown so much over the past 16 days in many ways. These include:

- Having control over my thoughts. Decisions feel more conscious, and there is a feeling of control over decisions and actions. - Patience with myself, and acceptance of myself. Not laying blame for being a certain way, and not being so hard on myself. - I have experienced first hand the amazing innate ability of the human body to heal itself.

Now that I have cleaned out my digestive system, it’s time to start fresh and experience an even more wholesome way of eating. I am going to incorporate a lot more raw foods into my daily life, and will be using my dehydrator, blender and juicer far more.

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