10 Tips to Fight Sugar Cravings

December 29, 2016
10 Tips to Fight Sugar Cravings

It is more common to hear one complain about a "sweet tooth" due to sugar cravings. There is nothing wrong with a little treat in moderation. But when sugar cravings send one to binge or constantly think about sweets, it can be an issue. Many people find that consuming too much sugar makes them feel moody, tired, or anxious, and does not assist with ideal body composition goals.

White processed sugar is low in nutrients and considered an empty calorie food.

Our 10 Tips to Fight Sugar Cravings:

1. Consume quality and healthy fats

It’s correct that quality fats can assist in managing the cravings. It can also better manage blood sugar levels. No wonder so many "dieters" crave sugar, but diets do not work. Instead, eat to balance your body and hormones.

2. Have smaller meals containing protein

Small meals throughout the day can assist to balance blood sugar levels and assist with energy levels. Having meals handy will mean you always have a nutrient dense meal and you will not feel tempted by sweets.

3. Green smoothies

So many fans report that these magic drinks help them fight the cravings. They are loaded with nutrients that boost your immune system and energy.

4. Plenty of water

So many people are not drinking enough water. Drink water to stay hydrated and healthy. You might be surprised at how it helps sugar cravings vanish.

5. Portion size

Depriving yourself and going cold turkey? If you really love something, have some of it, but in small amounts. Too many rules or being too strict on yourself is not good for mental health.

6. Meditate

Meditation is a great way to relax and help balance the body. Feeling stressed, tired and moody can mean we turn to sugar for the quick fix.

7. Coconut water sugar for energy!

People are misinformed and believe sugar will make them energetic. It may do so initially, but later it will result in a crash. Keep your energy high be staying hydrated. Have plenty of water or coconut water, which is a great nutrient dense drink.

8. Healthy alternative

Replace processed white sugar or sweets with something healthy and nutrient dense. A piece of fruit or a moderate healthy bliss ball will do the trick. Avoid artificial sweeteners and diet drinks, as they can trigger a craving.

9. Reduce caffeine

Ditch the coffee or at least reduce it.

10. Sleep Get quality sleep at

night to ensure your body is well rested and ready for the day.

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