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  1. Compare Food Dehydrator America

    Compare Food Dehydrator America

    Compare food dehydrators in America with our helpful Food Dehydrator Comparison sheets. We've compared the benefits and features of each Food Dehydrator to make it easy for you to make the best choice about which model is right for you.
    Round vs Square Dehydrators
    Which Dehydrator is Right for Me?

    Compare BioChef Arizona, Savana and Kalahari Dehydrators

      BioChef Savana 6,9,12 Tray    
    Tray Sizes 6/9 Tray 8/10/16 Tray 6/9/12 Tray    
    Prices (RRP) $129 / $155 $340 / $425 / $659 $289 / $309 / $349    
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  2. 7 Healthier Snack Recipes to Try with a Food Dehydrator America

    7 Healthier Snack Recipes to Try with a Food Dehydrator America

    Have fun making your own! Try out these tasty and healthy snacks using your own food dehydrator.

    We can all be guilty of over indulging in unhealthy snacks sometimes, with many snacks full of sugar, artificial colors and preservatives. Making your own snacks means you know exactly what goes into your food which means you'll be able to create something that's nourishing and healthy. Making your own snacks is also more cost effective than buying pre packaged snacks from your grocery store so you'll also be saving pennies. Have a read of our dehydrator snack recipes below:

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    Beetroot & Sweet Potato Chips
    Kale Chips
    Dried Fruit
    Mixed Berry Fruit Rollup
    Apricot & Coconut Fruit Rollup
    Activated Granola Bars
    Vegan, Gluten Free Crackers or Bread
    Beef Jerky

    Beetroot & Sweet Potato Chips

    Create your own healthy crisps with your favorite vegatables. Your dehydrator will dry, not fry to create healthy deliciousness every time:

    • 1 large sweet potato (yam)
    • 3 whole beetroots
    • 1 tbsp paprika
    • 2 tbsp coconut or olive oil
    • Salt to season

    1. Thinly slice sweet potato and beetroot, ideally into 0.1 inch slices. Doing your chips thickers means they'll take longer to dehydrate.

    2. Place slices into mixing bowl and

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