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 Hints & Tips for Successful Composting

4 Easy Steps to Starting your Jora Composter

1. Place some active compost or horse manure into the first empty chamber. (Always work with one chamber at a time).

2. Adjust the air vents to slightly open on one side, and closed on the empty side.

3. Put your food waste (not more than 10-12 litre/week for the Little Pig and 25-30 litre/week for the Big Pig) into the first chamber on top of the active compost or horse manure.

4. Close the top door and rotate the unit once or twice.

How Long Will it Take?

The first compartment will take approx. 6 weeks to fill, if you are inserting 2.5kgs daily. The compartment is “full” when there is 10cms of empty space left at the top of the chamber. In the full chamber the temperature will rise further and the contents will be finished composting by the time you have filled the second chamber.


The Little Pig composter can accommodate up to 1,7 litre of kitchen waste daily.

The Big Pig composter can accommodate up to 4,3 litre of kitchen waste daily.

The waste should be added to the unit frequently, and in small quantities, rather than in large quantities infrequently!

The unit has two compartments - only fill one at a time.

Hints for successful composting

For best results, chop and cut large waste items. This is very important as it will greatly reduce the break down time.

Keep a measured waste container (1kg/2kg/3kg etc). This will tell you how much waste you have and will help you avoid overfilling the composter’s daily capacity of 1.4 - 1.7 litre/day for the Little Pig and 3.5-4.3 litre/day for the Big Pig.

When you are sorting your kitchen waste, only add what you are sure is compostable. If you are hesitant about anything, don’t put it in!

Cut meat into small pieces, cut potatoes and fruit into four parts - crumble up bread, tear tea bags, and tear egg cartons into small pieces. Cut flower stalks into 4-5 cm pieces.

Q. Why can I put meat into this composter? I thought meat was no good.

A. One of the main reasons that meat has traditionally been excluded from compost is that is attracts vermin. With the Joraform composters, they are completely sealed units which are also elevated therefore this is no longer a problem.

Rotate the unit - The design of the Jora composters allows for easy rotation to introduce air and turn over the planes so that the micro organisms can do their work. This is one of the most remarkable advantages of these composters as new surface planes emerge for the micro-organisms to digest. Rotating draws air in through the air vents, preventing bad smells from occurring and also mixes wet and dry matter. After the heat has initially built up, the air vents should be open at all times. One turn of the unit with each new quantity of waste is sufficient to aerate the contents.

Rotate the unit more often if the contents are wet to ensure even distribution of the sawdust or wood pellets.

Adding Sawdust/Wood Pellets

Sawdust or wood pellets are added to the waste to absorb moisture. The ratio should be around 1:10 (wood/sawdust : waste). Wood shavings, pellets and/or sawdust are readily available from various outlets eg; co-operatives, farm suppliers, some garden centres & pet stores, or do a google search for sawdust!

Q. I’ve seen other rotating compost bins. What makes the Joraform Composter so unique?

A. Composting works best when it’s left to do its stuff. The twin compartments of the Jora composters allows for one side to be completely closed off when full. The heat generated in this highly insulated unit can reach up to 75°C, which assists in a rapid breakdown of produce.

About Joraform

The Joraform mission is to develop environmental products that make it easier for you to live with awareness and respect for the natural environment.

The first company that presented the idea of rotating compost bins… they have now developed composting solutions for domestic waste for entire apartments of several hundred households.

Joraform have been cooperating with The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket) in composting projects, with the view of educating and providing assistance in regards to recycling from tenant-owner’s associations, housing firms, building companies, schools and institutional kitchens.

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