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  • Juicing My Way Into Health

    My name is Cris, I’m 28 years old and I live in Sydney. That’s how most testimonials begin and this could not be any different. I...

  • Mind Body Spirit Festival Brisbane 2014

    Vitality 4 Life have enjoyed meeting thousands of people at Mind Body Spirit Festivals over the years, introducing the concept of cold press juice extractors...

  • Joraform

    In 2004, Vitality 4 Life came across a wonderful company and range of products - Joraform. This Swedish company has been operating since 1990, developing...

  • Byron Bay Pilates Co.

    Byron Bay Pilates Co. was developed in 2009 by Vitality 4 Life in order to offer affordable yet premium quality studio level pilates equipment. Our...

  • Small Changes, Big Gains

    I constantly listen to my grandparents and their friends start telling stories with the line ‘when I was younger’, and I’ve thought to myself on...

  • A Former Fat Kid Trying to Raise Healthy Children

    I was not always concerned with my own health.  I ate whatever I wanted and I ate it whenever I wanted.  It wasn’t until I...

  • Fight Those Nasty Sugar Cravings

    It is more common to hear one complain about a "sweet tooth" due to sugar cravings. There is nothing wrong with a little treat in...

  • Vitality 4 Life philosophy

    Improving our health, fitness and environment by increasing the amount of raw foods we intake, through living foods together with pure water, fresh air and...

  • Apricot and Coconut fruit leather

    Ingredients: 400gm of canned/fresh apricots Shredded Coconut Instructions: 1. Blend Apricots in your favourite blender, use a little water to make it into an appropriate consistency for pouring; you...

  • Day 6 of our juice fast

    It is now day 6, and our juice fast has been coming along really well. In the past, Nikita and I have both completed several...

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