Become a Reseller

Are you an existing health products distributor, or looking for a fantastic business opportunity? Vitality 4 Life are looking for resellers both in Australia and internationally.

Key regions are available for major retailers who order larger quantities of a single product or a range of Vitality 4 Life products for selling through offline or online channels to your customers.

Internet dealer
Use your existing online store (or we can help you build a store) to sell your favourite Vitality 4 Life products.

Ideal if you are a health related therapist wishing to offer your clients a range of quality products.

To find out more about our reseller opportunities please fill out our Reseller Application Form.

About the Reseller Program

The last few years have seen a tremendous growth as our ‘niche market’ products become more mainstream.

Today Vitality 4 Life products are exported to UK, Canada, USA, Europe and NZ and there is enormous potential for distributors, especially in specific geographical areas in relation to certain products. Our products are supplied on a wholesale price with generous margins and our aim is to appoint a Vitality 4 Life distributor in each geographic area and work closely to build their success.

  • Wholesalers : Freight charges may be applied.
  • Drop Ship : Please enquire about drop shipping prices for individual items.

Price breaks and exclusive territories are available on request and by negotiation. There is no formal training as such, but we can support you with answering any questions you may have about our products from your potential customers and give you feedback on your ideas for ways of distributing.

There is ‘Point of Sale’ information such as brochures & colour laminates available via our resller extranet which you can adapt and use for the purpose of distributing our products. Access to this data will be available once your applicartion is approved.

Although it may be helpful to your business plan to offer an online component, most of the sales and the work needed to be done is offline. You can distribute the products via natural practitioners, health food stores and friends.

We have found over the years that the key to success for our distributors is to get to know and love the products and then to be able to offer demonstrations and follow-up customer support.

With direction and help from Roger and the team at V4L we have enjoyed great success distributing Vitality 4 Life products for many years. Our sales continue to grow over the years as our happy V4L product customers recommend and send new customers to us. V4L marketing support and back up customer service and growing range quality products is just excellent. Roger Akins and the team at V4L are just great to work with, marketing, shipping and all other aspects. In appreciation,

Kevin Rogers.
CEO Retsel GrainMaster.

Whichever program you choose, Vitality 4 Life will support you along the way from point of sale material, frequently asked questions, advertising material, shipping information to help in creating your own website.

To find out more about our reseller opportunities please fill out our Reseller Application Form bellow.

Reseller Application Form

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